India Road Map

You can do excellent business with this great travel market!

India is a perfect growth driver & it will bounce back by capitalising on strong trends. ♥ ヅ

India’s three offerings in post #COVID19 world:
1 – India will be an SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) global power
2 – India will have a positive GDP economy (source IFM)
3 – India will create humanised technologies

« India will be the travel outbound market that will bounce back first »
Tricia Warwick. Director Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa for VisitBritain

(during webinar by TravTalk 7 March 2020)

Resilience – Long term fundamentals still apply  (population, income and market dynamics)

We will help you to compete successfully and to grow in the India market

Put India On Your RoadMap, it’s worth it!

In the various webinars the major players in Indian tourism are cautiously optimistic with a strong desire to revive the business. India is a thousand-year-old, multicultural country that is also projected into the future with immeasurable strength. Who dares, wins! We are your high mountain guides to reach the summits.

We offers year-round, top-notch in-market representation in India with a Swiss quality that we masters since years and dedicated to hotel groups, destinations, DMC, High-end department stores, luxury brands, …     

 AccessIndiaReps is your finest independent representation business with offices in New Delhi in India
& Zurich, Switzerland, and with Director of Sales based in France

Our Indian CEO & our Advisor & Mentor have over 20 years experience in the India travel markets
– We know and work since years with all main top decision makers in Indian Travel Trade.
– We are sales & marketing minded and willing to commit on measurable level
– We are your Partners in Success who Understand the Soul of Indian Travellers

We have unparalleled knowledge to market and sell Europe in the travel industry in India.

We have been doing it for more than 10 years with deep success for major Swiss players, …

Our exclusive partnership leads to value creation and very concrete business at the end of :

– 1 week with our special business trip in India, 100% personalized only for you and with top-notch Indian decision marker
– 1 year you have between 30% to 90% growth on the India Outbound Travel Market (globally and according to market segments that have different decision cycles, e.g. Mice, Weddings).
That’s what we’ve been doing with success for our clients for years.

For your success, we help you very effectively in the following areas:

– Representation services with more than 10 years of successful experiences and a spirit / know-how of Swiss quality!

– Customised digital campaigns with top-notch partners in the travel trade and leading media / travel guide

– Digital marketing, Growth Hacking and Social Media inside India complex cultural differences

Excellence starts from within, beginning now!

👉 Let’s talk

Step 1

Start talking & discovering

We discuss and provide you with relevant market information. We outline the main steps of your strategy for the Indian market.

Step 2

100% customised business trip

You come to India for 1 week of business meetings with travel trade. We discuss and finalize your winning strategy for India.

Step 3

Strategic vision + action plan

Then you've picked up some great travel trade business. We're putting in place your Indian strategy and the annual action plan.

A simple and concrete examples of what we achieve for our clients in the large Indian outbound travel market:

👉 Market and sell IBEROSTAR hotels & resorts for all segments (Corporate, MICE, groups, weddings, FIT, VFR, ...) and bring Indian tourists to their 20 destinations, ...
👉 Bringing Indian tourists (group series & FIT) to shop in high-end department stores in London, Manchester, ...
👉 Sending groups of Indian tourists and FITs to Switzerland, ...

120 Hotels & Resorts 4 & 5 star in 20 countries

Their goals for India:
- Open rapidly a new market
- Strongly develop the Indian market
- Favouring relationships with travel agents
- Highlighting their pioneering programme of sustainable tourism

Their website

BLS AG Swiss railway company & lakes cruises

Their goals for India:
- Develop their lakes cruises
- Be a clear winner on India market
- Consolidate their partnerships with travel trade
- Push awareness for the tourism destination INTERLAKEN

Their website
The strong pillars of Indian booming economy 💪

- India is the world's 5th largest economy by nominal GDP
- India’s growing middle class & upper-middle in terms of both size and spend who are the country's economic engine.
- + 400 million millennials who are the fuel tank for the economy
- 900 Million Internet Users (by 2023) with Mobile / Internet and Technological Ecosystem in a large and ultra dynamic market 
- Rapid & growing increase in international travel for all segments (FIT, groups, Corporate, Mice, Weddings, Millennials, Family, VFR, ...)

5 simple questions to find your winning way in India 💡

- What is your value proposition on the India Outbound Travel Market?
- Do you know the soul of Indian travellers and their touchpoints to book travel?
- Are you ready for persistence, consistency, 3 years strategy view, business development actions?
- You business model & services can run on India market or do you need a adaptation to local cultures?
- Do you have the ressources that are required to deliver your value proposition to the discerning Indian travellers?

Like 80% of people, do you make these top 3 mistakes? 🙄

- Your sales manager (who is Chinese or half-breed Chinese) is responsible for the Chinese AND the Indian market, ...
- You carry out only 1 commercial operation in India every year (or every 2 years) with your DMO / NTO, ...
- You think India market is not an interesting market because you have few or no Indian tourists. So you don't do anything, ... thinking they'll just come like this ^^, ...

To win in India, focus on 5 key strategic points 🙂

- Building trust & assistance with the Indian travel trade
- Creating relationships & engagement with Indian Tourists
- Follow-up, personnalized assistance 7/7, authentic messages, consystency in your actions
- Product adaptation, following travel trends, connect with innovators and Indian millennials
- Develop a strategy both Offline and Online with Indian top-notch partners localized in India

A framework to boosts your economic performance in India ✌️

- Growth in economic benefits
- Diversification of your customer segments
- Growth of the number of travellers in low season
- Sustainable tourism and ecological impact in the ecosystem
- Visibility and engagement of your audience on Indian social media networks and travel trade.

Your simple good resolutions for 2020 👉 DO IT NOW 👍

- Who dares, wins!

- Reduce Dependence On Chinese Tourists. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. It's too risky in this complex, fast-paced world...
- Diversify and optimize your strategy with the large and booming India Outbound Travel Market.
- Connect with our management team who have extensive experience in India and internationally.
- Plan with us a customized strategy and an effective business action plan. Invest now and reap soon great business!
- Benefit from the results and the Swiss quality services we bring to you



From €.... / month

A range of essential services to serve and succeed in India’s large Outbound Travel Market


From €.... / month

Services of the Gold package + ultimate customised actions to develop your business PAN India

3 years strategy
annual action plan

Take advantage of our annual commitment.

Services effective and 100 % results-oriented.

Strategy adapted to the soul of Indian tourists.

With us, you can expect your Indian turnover to grow by 30% to more than 90% every year. We have already done these figures for different types of customers and on several segments of the India travel market.

Please note that we have limited space for our high custom-made services in the spirit of Swiss quality!

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